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Price List

New patient consultation€50
Examination, recall€40
Scale & Polish routine€70
Deep Scale & Polish under L.A€80
Protracted gum treatment under L.A. 1hr€160
Panoramic X-Ray€60
Diagnosis & Treatment Plan
(including x-rays, study models, estimate)
Amalgam Restoration (Filling)€80 – 90
Composite Restoration€110 – 150
Fissure Sealant€30
Temporary Filling€50
Routine ExtractionFrom €130
Surgical Extraction€150
1st stage Endodontic treatment€300
Root Treatment premolar/ canine€520
Root Treatment Molar€680
Root Treatment incisor€450
Crown Porcelain Fused to Metal (P.F.M)€750
Ceramic Crown ( Zirconia or Calypso)€900
Post Core€180-220
Composite Crown (chair side)€180*
Emax Press Inlay/Onlay€750*
Gold Inlay/Onlay€450-900**
Gold Crown€920**
Partial Acrylic DentureFrom €400
Full Upper or Lower Denture€700 each
Partial Chrome Cobalt Denture€1,200
Denture RepairFrom €80**

** Subject to increase depending on complexity of case

Orthodontic consultation
(does not include Radiographs)
€100 to €150
Sleep Apnoea consultation€100
Tooth Whitening Upper & Lower€300 (trays & 3 syringes)
Bleaching Syringes€35 each
Occlusal Mouth Guard**€220

Treatment must be paid for in full at time of treatment or by arrangement with dentist